Ansley Mendelson - V.P. of Client Services

Ansley Mendelson

V.P. of Client Services

Ansley has been working in progressive politics for over a decade. She is passionate about electing more women and people of color to elected offices at every level and reforming our democracy through increasing access to voting, especially in the South.

Right out of college, Ansley was hired to be one of the youngest senior staff members at the Democratic Party of Georgia. She has worked on campaigns for national voting rights partners and for candidates, civic engagement partners, Labor, independent expenditures, and ballot initiatives in 13 states, flipping seats in her home state of Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Maryland.

Ansley is a graduate of two SEC schools — the University of Georgia (AB 2010) and the University of Florida (MA 2015). She lives in Northern Virginia with her husband Joel. While Joel would love for her to Chomp, she will always bleed Red and Black.