Private attorney Kim Ogg faced a difficult path to victory. She had run in 2014 against the widow of the previous District Attorney and had lost. No Democrat had served as Harris County District Attorney in forty years.

Utilizing videos highlighting a severe weakness of our opponent—her decision to jail rape victims to compel testimony and her decision to produce a video supporting her decision to jail rape victims—we were able to put our opponent on the defensive. Ogg stayed true to her messaging, derived from smart polling: telling her personal story for why protecting individual crime victims had been her life’s work.

The result was Ogg winning by nearly 10 points, becoming the first Democratic D.A. in 40 years in Harris County and the only openly gay District Attorney of a county the size of Harris County.

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"Kim Ogg wins race for Harris County District Attorney"

-KHOU11, 11/8/16

"Harris County DA Kim Ogg is America's Top Gay Cop"

-Out-Smart Magazine, 6/30/17

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